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We only provide top quality produce and we know that you will not find or be offered more truly flavoursome products from any other butcher.

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Cajun Flavoured Chicken Pieces

Cajun Glazed Marinated Chicken Pieces (on the Bone) A mouth-watering creation that promises to ignite your taste buds with flavour and succulence. Crafted with care and expertise, these chicken pieces are marinated to perfection in a zesty Cajun glaze, ensuring every bite is bursting with bold and spicy goodness. Made from the finest cuts of […]


Chinese Style Chicken Pieces

Chinese Marinated Chicken Pieces (on the Bone)—a tantalising fusion of traditional Chinese flavours and succulent chicken, expertly crafted to delight your taste buds. Each piece is marinated to perfection, ensuring a harmonious blend of savoury and aromatic spices that infuse every bite with irresistible flavour. Made with care and expertise, our Chinese Marinated Chicken Pieces […]


Chinese Style Pork Ribs

An all time favourite, Chinese flavoured Pork ribs! Perfect for the bbq or even oven or grill.


Chipolata Pork Sausage

Made with lean pork cuts and lightly seasoned these thin pork links have the same great recipe as our thick pork but are in thinner natural skins. A favourite with the kids and great for a sandwich.

Classic Beef Sausage

A very tasty sausage, great on the BBQ.


Gammon Steaks

The gammon steak cut is from a gammon joint from the hind quarter of a pig that is cured by dry salting, brining, or smoking


Garlic Butter Chicken Pieces

Delicious Garlic Butter chicken on the bone ideal for you bbq or your oven


Honey Chicken Pieces (on the bone)

A-grade Chicken Pieces, marinated in a Honey Marinade. Each succulent piece is prepared to perfection, ensuring a tender and juicy bite with every mouthful. Our signature Honey Marinade, with its delicate balance of sweetness and savoury notes, infuses the chicken with an irresistible flavour profile that will tantalise your taste buds. Whether grilled, baked, or […]


Hot Chilli Sausages

Ignite your taste buds with the fiery heat of our Hot Chilli Sausages. Infused with a blend of scotch bonnet chilli peppers and zesty seasoning, each sausage packs a punch of flavour that’s sure to spice up any meal. Our Hot Chilli Sausages are expertly crafted using only the finest cuts of meat and the […]


Italian Style Chicken Pieces

Italian Style Marinated Chicken Pieces (on the Bone)—a mouth-watering fusion of flavours crafted to delight your senses. Made with the finest cuts of chicken and infused with an authentic Italian marinade, these pieces promise a taste experience that transports you to the heart of Italy. Each succulent chicken piece is carefully marinated to perfection, allowing […]


Lincolnshire Sausages

Our biggest seller, a good all rounder. A flavoured sausage that everyone loves, even the kids!


Marinated Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are white meat, even though they're juicier and have a more concentrated poultry flavour, like dark meat. They have a crispy outer skin when cooked and tender dark meat on the inside. Often wings are baked, roasted or fried

Marmite & Cheddar Pork Sausage

One of our most popular sausage inventions with a hugh public demand to keep them stocked! Even if you hate marmite you’ll love them!!


Minty Lamb Ribs

Minty Lamb Ribs Bursting with flavour and tenderness, these ribs are perfect for a BBQ or slow cooking, promising a succulent taste that will leave you craving more. Crafted from the finest lamb and marinated in our unique minty blend, these ribs are ideal for gatherings or indulgent meals at home. Experience the perfect balance […]


Minty Lamb Sausages

Superb flavour, a popular choice.


Oriental Salt And Pepper Pork Ribs

Oriental Salt and Pepper Marinated Meaty Pork Ribs A tantalising fusion of flavours that promises to transport your taste buds to the Far East. Crafted with care and expertise, these ribs are marinated to perfection in a blend of aromatic spices and savoury seasonings, creating a culinary experience like no other. Each rib boasts a […]


Peppered Steak

Mouthwatering peppered steak. One of our best summer sellers! Simple to quick fry on the BBQ!


Pork, Leek & Garlic Sausage

Thick sausages with added leek and garlic to really bring out the pork flavours. Fantastic in sausage casserole or simply with mashed potato and gravy.

Smoked Gammon Steaks

Our Succulent Smoked Gammon Steaks Each steak is expertly cut to perfection, offering a generous portion of tender Smoked Gammon. Thick slices of succulent meat, infused with a rich smoky flavour that’s sure to tantalise your senses. Perfect to grill, fry, or bake, our Smoked Gammon Steaks are easy to prepare, making it an ideal […]


Smokey BBQ Chicken Pieces

Delicious Smokey bbq chicken on the bone ideal for you bbq or your oven


Smoky BBQ Pork Ribs

Smokey BBQ Marinated Meaty Pork Ribs, a tantalizing feast for the senses that will leave you craving more. Crafted with care and expertise, these succulent ribs are generously coated in our signature Smokey BBQ marinade, infusing them with layers of rich, savoury flavour. Each rib is carefully selected for its meatiness and tenderness, ensuring a […]


Southern Fried BBQ Chicken Pieces

Southern Fried BBQ Marinated Chicken Pieces, bone-in cuts that promise a mouth-watering fusion of Southern flavour and BBQ goodness. Crafted with care and culinary expertise, these chicken pieces are marinated to perfection, ensuring a succulent and flavourful dining experience. Each piece of chicken is generously coated in a savoury blend of Southern spices and barbecue […]


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