LORNE SAUSAGE (Quarter Block)



Scottish Lorne sausage is a skinless beef and pork sausage shaped in a Lorne tin hence the name. created at the turn of the last century (1800’s) when there was a pork shortage, sausage skins and pork were very expensive, the scottish butchers decided to create a sausage to feed those who couldn’t afford the pork links so the Lorne sausage was born. More popular today than ever it still holds its own in the sausage world.

Sold as a single pack item

Pack size is chosen from the list

All weights are approximate.

Contains : Wheat flour, soya, preservative (E223,E450,E301,E331)

Whole Lorne = 12-15 slices

Half Lorne = 6-8 slices


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